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Master Cutter Jesús Serrano

It’s not a casualty that he has the “ham” in his surname. Be essential when we talk about this gem of gastronomy, either. Jesús Serrano has revolutionized one of the most traditional sectors of the gastronomic scene. And he has made it into the upper reaches of the gastronomy world: crossing the gates of Delicatessen Olympus, a place where no one Cutting Master had ever dreamed to reach of. The reason? It’s easy: say that Jesús Serrano is a “Ham Cutter” is stay only on his surface.

Melt the charisma of one who has seen ham from all its possible angles and one who has made it with the closeness of someone who had become the transmission of the Iberian Culture his way of life. His palate has become in the most desired judge for those who aspire to become in stars, his awards guarantee his know-how designed for breaking molds and his students do not hesitate to assure that knowing him has changed their lives.

This is the only possible way to become a reference, a Master of Masters.

He is a “Jesús Serrano”.


  • Exclusive Cutter in events organised by important brands such as BMW, in Horse Racing Championships or in International Music Festivals.
  • Guest Speaker in the Fifth and Sixth Ham Global Congresses.
  • EICJ’s CEO (Escuela Internacional de Cortadores de Jamón - International Ham Cutters School).
  • “Soporte Jamonero de Oro ‘12” Award handled by Asociación de Gastronomía Ibérica (Iberian Gastronomy Association) due to his “commitment with the ham culture”.
  • National Champion in Ham Cutting. Murcia – Spain. 2009.
  • Sensory Analysis Consultant of the “Ibérico” ham main Spanish brands.
  • Participant in more than 1500 cutting events.
  • More than 2000 pupils trained.
  • Author of “Conoce el Jamón y su Corte” (“Get to Know Ham and its Cutting”) and “Cómo vender Jamón: El Método Jesús Serrano” (“How to sell Ham: Jesús Serrano’s Method”), two reference books to understand Ham in the 21st century.
  • Creator of the “PNC Method”.

Escuela Internacional de Cortadores de Jamón

Geolit, Parque Científico y Tecnológico
Calle Sierra Morena s/n, 23620, Jaén

T + (34) 953 96 14 14

M + (34) 635 627 290