Professional Ham Cutter Course

This course is the family jewel. Its training program turned EICJ into a benchmark when talking about top level Gastronomic Training.

Ham Cutting is a delicate technique based on product knowledge, morphology and origins. EICJ is specialized in turning students into actual professionals who know how to make ham profitable.

A Ham Cutter is also a product ambassador whose mission is to transform the product so the client can enjoy it. We are committed to show you our secrets so you can perform a straight cut, extract perfect slices, apply the “Corte en caída de la maza” (“Maza” levelled cut, which is a straight cut, parallel to the axis of the ham), choose the most appropriate tools and make the best presentations.

  • profesional 1
  • profesional 2
  • profesional 3
  • profesional 4
  • profesional 5


Theoretical Part:

  • Classification of the several hams we can find in the market.
  • Designation of Origin: What do they offer?
  • How to choose a good ham.
  • Levelled cut and tools to perform it.

Practical Part:

  • Ham’s positioning for its cutting.
  • “Maza” levelled cut.
  • “Babilla” or stifle levelled cut.
  • Kneecap extraction method.
  • Breaking of the fibula.
  • Ham presentations: artistic, mosaic, terrace.


  • “Conoce el Jamón y su Corte” (“Get to know ham and its cutting”), a book by Jesús Serrano.
  • Diploma of Attendance.
  • Professional Ham Cutter Personal Card issued by EICJ.
  • Civil Liability Insurance.
  • Embroidered Cook’s Apron.
  • Access to EICJ’s Online Community (Job bank, tutorials, discounts…)
  • Vacuum Ham Packaging of the student’s sliced ham.


10 hours in one day, divided into a morning session and an afternoon session.

Escuela Internacional de Cortadores de Jamón

Geolit, Parque Científico y Tecnológico
Calle Sierra Morena s/n, 23620, Jaén

T + (34) 953 96 14 14

M + (34) 635 627 290