Cutlery and Sharpening Course

There is only one thing between the Ham and the Master Cutter: the Knife. That is the reason why at EICJ we have decided that they will never fail you.

Professionals working with such tools (Cutters, Butchers, Cooks…) do not usually know certain secrets that would make their jobs easier and would make them avoid injuries and save money.

Emptying and aligning are different things, as well as sharpening or “dar chaira” (Spanish word which stands for a special sharpening steel tool). That is what this course is about and it is designed by the best experts in the field.

The icing on the cake? Integral practices. Would you be able to turn a blunt knife into a state-of-the-art sharp tool?


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  • cuchilleria 2
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  • cuchilleria 6


  • How to choose an appropriate knife
  • Differences between aligning, sharpening and emptying
  • When should I apply each technique?
  • How to avoid the lack of temper during the ham knife sharpening
  • Practice: How to perform a double special stone-made and machine-made emptying.
  • Practice: How to sharpen a total blunt knife.


  • Professional Ham Cutter Personal Card issued by EICJ (whether you make the Cutlery Course or the Events Course).
  • Master Cutter Diploma issued by EICJ (whether you make the Cutlery Course or the Events Course).
  • Civil Liability Insurance.

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